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    SIT AND FLOAT - $ 9.99

    Sit and Float Tube is a unique, designed for lounging in the pool or river, comes with 2 handles for extra stability.

  • Explorer 100 Tube

    BOAT-100 - $ 9.99

    1 Person Inflatable Boat having double valves to keep the boat stable on the water. Easy for transportation and retrieval.

  • Explorer 200 Tube

    BOAT-200 - $ 19.99

    Perfect for one or two persons to enjoy a relaxing day and glide down the river or across the pool with ease.

  • River Run-1 Tube

    RIVER RUN -1 - $ 19.99

    Dsigned for high performance fun in the river. Air chamber for the back rest lets you set the firmness just the way you like.

  • River Run 2 Tube

    RIVER RUN 2 - $42.99

    Designed for high performance fun on the River or in the pool, Can double as furniture at all your stops along the way.

  • RvierRat Float Tube

    RIVERRAT - $ 10.99

    Spacious / wider than a typical float tube, allowing you to float all day in comfort during warm summer months.

  • Colour Whirl Tube

    COLOUR WHIRL - $ 12.99

    Great swimming coloured tube to amaze your children, enjoy a colorful day at the rive with complete fun in warm waters.

  • Pirates Tube

    PIRATES TUBE -$ 9.99

    PIRATE Inflatable Swim Tube with its heavy duty handles for safety offers a great way for fun in the river.

  • Tube Rental San Marcos

    MEGA CHILL tube-$ 32.99

    Enjoy refreshing beverages while out on the water! It floats along side you to keep everyhone happy and hydrated.

  • Tube Rental San Marcos

    TUBE RENTAL - $ 6.00

    Just in case you do not intend buying a new tube, we are conveniently located next to San Marcos River for tube rental.

  • Tube Inflation San Marcos

    TUBE INFLATION - $ 1/2

    We do provide air for people who have their own tubes rates are 1.25$ for single tubes and 2.50$ for double tubes.

  • Sun Screen for Sale

    Sun Screen

    We provide a number of river side accessories including sun- screen. A quick visit to us on your way to river would be handy.

  • River Side Accessories


    Buy Ice Chest and beaverage holders from us and enjoy your drinks including Chilled Beer at Sunny River Side.

  • Swiming Gogles, River side accessories


    Collection of essential river side accessories at Korner Stop caters for your safety and pleasure at the river.

  • Towels, flip flops, acqua shoes


    Towels, flip flop, acqua shoes, swimming gogles and much more offerd at our store at competitive price.


    If you are looking for a perfect day out in summer heat, River San Marcos is the right choice for you and your family.

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Tubes Sale - Tube Rental - RiverSide Accessories , San Marcos

Korner Store is conveniently located next to San Marcos River to make ideal purchase of Tubes and riverside accessories, whenever you plan a visit to the river. Tubes and RiverSide Accessories are offered at competitive prices and are backed by top of the line tube manufacturers and suppliers in USA to make sure that each of our customer gets durable, hihg quality material at best possible cost. This makes us an ideal shopping place for the ones looking to buy tubes or riverside accessories, whenever you plan a recreation trip to river San Marcos.
We are also offering tube rental and provide air for people who have their own tubes


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When it comes to best of the options in river side items / tubes, korner store is place to visit.

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